I’m Michael Reddell, of Wellington, New Zealand.  I’m married to Ruth, and am the father of Jonathan, Madeline, and Helena.  I’m now a homemaker, perhaps semi-retired, after decades as an economist (here, and in Papua New Guinea, Zambia, and the United States –  where my two older children were born).

I was born and raised Baptist, but from my teens was attracted to the Anglican tradition –  probably initially from studying the Puritans in 7th form history.  We currently worship at a Baptist church on Sunday morning, after a decade as Anglicans.  In some ways there is no going back –  one can’t step into the same river twice – and I now find myself uneasily torn between the two traditions.

My email address is mhreddell at gmail.com

I also blog on matters economic at www.croakingcassandra.com



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