An introduction

This blog is a space for my thoughts, reflections, frustrations about churches, the Christian faith, the challenges of discipleship in the 21st century.

Among Traditions reflects my own situation: raised Baptist and from generations of Baptists, and yet with a hankering for something different, including a decade as an Anglican in three different countries.   I attend a Baptist church on Sunday, and yet in the course of the week also attend Anglican services.  I find much that is helpful in my walk in Roman Catholic spirituality, and in that of the Orthodox churches.

I discovered recently, going through some old family papers, that I came to be  – and to have been Baptist – because one ancestor, in late 19th century Christchurch, was heading for the Anglican cathedral for morning service, but running late decided to try Oxford Terrace Baptist Church.  A service, and an invitation home for Sunday lunch, that helped turn him into a Baptist, and later marry a fellow congregant, my great-grandmother.

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